Gangnam Amway Flagship store 1F

강남 암웨이 플래그쉽 스토어 1층
From the slogan “TOMORROW’S AMWAY IN TODAY’S WORLD” the design of GANG-NAM AMWAY PLAZA FLAGSHIP STORE was expanded. The AMWAY PLAZA is made in a flagship store form that can accommodate shopping, brand experience, business meetings, small meetings, seminars and relaxation. The design was expanded from the concept of CONNECTION LOOP which link ‘Person to Person’, ‘People and Society’, ‘Present and Future’. The first floor of GANG-NAM AMWAY PLAZA is a place where even visitors thatare not Amway members can more easily see the story that the brand has.
Retails Facilities
Project Year
Gang-nam, Seoul, Korea
Site area
939㎡ (284py)
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