Gangnam Amway Flagship store 2F

강남 암웨이 플래그쉽 스토어 2층
The second floor consists of shopping and business space. Largely it is composed of a shopping zone called Amway market, party room concept cooking studio, and conference room utilizing digital equipment. Overall zoning was planned for breathing through organic curves just like the first floor and as an OPEN MARKET the space is segmented so that the space can be seen in a glance. If the first floor is focused on brand experience the second floor is a place for sales and business, so it was made into a space optimized for conversation through warm atmosphere and natural finishing. GANG-NAM AMWAY PLAZA doubles the joy of shopping through new environment and service, and creates a new paradigm of education and meetings.
Retails Facilities
Project Year
Gang-nam, Seoul, Korea
Site area
1,140㎡ (345py)
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