Incheon IBSC

인천 비즈니스 서포터 센터
“Amway Plaza is operation 13 branch offices nationwide. However, this space has a concept of business support center, not a concept of plaza. As the space focuses on business, rather than sales, approaches to design were programmed to convey different characteristics from the existing plaza.
Broadly, this space is composed of the booths for Amway’s signature brands, Nutriliteand Artistry, café,, a kitchen for cooking class, a lecture hall with 80 seats, and a space available to experience and consult products of Nutriliteand Artistry.
The first thing in business is communication with persons. When you imagine things happening in this space, the design aims to create a place that enables People to communicate one another in a comfortable manner. So, design was started form ‘ then, which placecan be comfortable place for communication ? ‘”
Retails Facilities & Café
Project Year
Song-do, In-cheon, korea
Site area
432㎡ (131py)
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