Vietnam Nutrilite Factory

베트남 뉴트리라이트 팩토리
“We started the designing process by defining space as a museum.
This is because the products that are developed throughout a company’s history all have historic value.
We intend to apply the most fundamental units of architecture in the designs.
This is because Nutrilitefundamental ideology is nature.
We, also, intend to portray both Amway’s and Nutrilitestories through our own architectural interpretation and will apply this to the design.
And, we will proceed this design project by focusing on the intend to raise the brand’s total value.
We believe that simplicity in design will help create a spacious venue that embodies the brand identity and this will hold a special place inside every Visitor’s mind.”
Retails Facilities
Project Year
Site area
3,650㎡ (1,104py)
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